The Pearl of the Psalms!

God has placed the desire to know Him, within every person! In Psalm 84, the psalmist declared that his soul yearned for the LORD to such a degree that even his entire being cried out to know the Living God! Charles Spurgeon called Psalm 84, “the pearl of the Psalms, & “one of the most sweet of the Psalms of Peace”! Do you have an unsatiable hunger to know the Lord? Then, join us this Sunday as we continue the pilgrimage that leads our hearts on the highway to holiness!

In-person 10AM; On-line 11AM

We meet at the:

Frelinghuysen Rec. Center

139 Lincoln Laurel Rd.

Frelinghuysen, NJ 07825

Join us for:

Worship/Prayer/the Word/Children’s Ministry/Fellowship