How to Think Like Jesus Thinks~

The Bible declares that if you are born again, that you already have excess to the mind (thinking) of Christ! However, the Apostle Paul tells us that we have to allow this mindset to control our lives. Well how do you do this? Easier said than do! Join us this Sunday @ 10 AM to discover the most effective method to become spiritually minded.

Jesus is the Reason for the Season

Jesus was born to show us the way & He died to be the Way. He always spoke truth & He died to fulfill the Truth! He lived His Life for the glory of the Father & He died to impart His glorious Life in us!⁠

Join us Sundays @ 10 am & Christmas Eve @ 5 PM⁠

Merry Christmas

Veteran’s Day Celebration & Luncheon!

Veteran’s Day Celebration & Luncheon!
Join us on Sun. Nov. 10 as we celebrate all those who have served our country. Invite your family & honor our veterans!  Captain Bert Moore who was serving in the Persian Gulf when we were attacked on 911 will be our guest speaker.

BY Faith Moses

Join us this Sunday (10/13) @ 10 AM as we continue this intriguing & fascinating study of Hebrews 11. These “heroes” of faith, were just like you & me, with their own short coming, failures, idiosyncrasies & many excuses why they were inadequate to serve their GOD! God appeared to Moses in the burning bush & told Him of His plan to use Moses to redeem the Hebrews. Yet, FIVE times Moses made up an excuse why he was not competent, capable nor able to do it. However, in this amazing chapter of Hebrews 11, God does not record any of the sins, short falls or stumbles of His servants. FIVE times God says of Moses BY FAITH…, showing all of us that it is God’s grace that covers all of our mess-ups! You see FIVE is the number of Grace!!
Communion will be served!!!
Bring a friend & share the Miracle!
We always have children’s church & church fellowship!


To be effective, salt must penetrate & light must illuminate. Jesus told us how we can be an influence from within our culture and from without our culture. Join us on this first Sunday in April (10 am), as we glean truth from these very important and familiar words of Christ.

Communion Sunday

All are welcome!  Children are loved!

Yours is the Kingdom, the Power & the Glory!

Is your life a life of worship to the LORD? Jesus started the LORD’s (disciple’s) prayer with worship & He ends it with worship to the Father!!   Are you living your life, for God’s kingdom, God’s power & God’s glory? If you not, WATCH OUT!!⁣
Join us this Sunday (2/24) @ 10 am, as we finish up our series on the “Disciple’s Prayer”!

All are welcome!
Children are loved!

Healing Service

Healing Service this Sunday 1/27 @ 10 am.
Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today & forever. As a man, He was anointed by the Holy Spirit & He healed all that came to Him in faith. Since Jesus is still the same today as He was then, we believe that He still heals all today as He did then! Come receive what you need from Him, as we pray for all who are sick, weak, broken or bound up by demonic strongholds.

The Witnesses -From Waiting to Wonder

Scripture declares, “By the mouth of two or three witnesses every word shall be established”. That is why the birth of Christ was validated by the angel led shepherds, the Spirit led Simeon and the praying prophetess Anna!! Are you waiting on the Lord for a miracle or for an event to occur? Join us this Sunday (10 am) as we continue our Advent series!

Sun. 12/2 – The Messengers – His Presence to His Service
Sun. 12/9 – The Baptists – Barrenness to Blessing
Sun. 12/16 – The Witnesses – Waiting to Wonder
Sun. 12/23 – The First Family – Humility to Honor
Christmas Eve. (5 PM) – The First Begotten – From Heaven to Earth. Candlelight & Communion Service

All are invited – Children are welcomed

Veteran’s Day

This Sunday, Nov. 11 we will be honoring all veterans with a special service, luncheon & gifts. Join us as a Vietnam Veteran will be sharing his powerful testimony, on how Jesus Christ saved him, healed him & delivered him from all of his pain, nightmares, depression & despair!

Invite a friend and share the miracle!

These Dry Bones Shall Live

Do you need a fresh breath from the Lord? Does your spirit need reviving? Could you use more wind in your sail? Do you need more energy to run your race? Don’t quit or give up! Join us this Sunday as we experience the move of the Holy Spirit in our midst.

Children’s lesson & craft every Sunday!