Join us for a Passover Seder Presentation

Christ in the Passover Seder!!!

Should Christians celebrate Passover? Did you know that the “Last Supper” was the last Passover Seder that Jesus celebrated with His disciples during His earthly ministry?

Growing up Jewish, I celebrated Passover every year of my life (just like Jesus did)!

Join us this Sunday (4/21) as I unfold many prophetic truths that were hidden in the Passover celebration!

Invite a Jewish friend or someone that needs to know that the Messiah is the Passover Lamb and the fulfillment of all this sacred Holy Day portrays!

10AM In-person: 10:45AM on-line!

We meet at the:

Frelinghuysen Rec. Center

139 Lincoln Laurel Rd.

Frelinghuysen, NJ 07825

Join us for:

Worship/Prayer/the Word/Children’s Ministry/Fellowship