Veteran's Day Celebration & Luncheon!

Veteran’s Day Celebration & Luncheon!
Join us on Sun. Nov. 10 as we celebrate all those who have served our country. Invite your family & honor our veterans!  Captain Bert Moore who was serving in the Persian Gulf when we were attacked on 911 will be our guest speaker.

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BY Faith Moses

Join us this Sunday (10/13) @ 10 AM as we continue this intriguing & fascinating study of Hebrews 11. These “heroes” of faith, were just like you & me, with their own short...Read More »


To be effective, salt must penetrate & light must illuminate. Jesus told us how we can be an influence from within our culture and from without our culture. Join us on this first Sunday in April (10 am), as we glean truth from these very important and familiar words of...Read More »

Yours is the Kingdom, the Power & the Glory!

Is your life a life of worship to the LORD? Jesus started the LORD’s (disciple’s) prayer with worship & He ends it with worship to the Father!!   Are you living your life, for God’s kingdom, God’s power & God’s glory? If you not, WATCH OUT!!⁣
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The Witnesses -From Waiting to Wonder

Scripture declares, “By the mouth of two or three witnesses every word shall be established”. That is why the birth of Christ was validated by the angel led shepherds, the Spirit led Simeon and the praying prophetess Anna!!...Read More »

Veteran's Day

This Sunday, Nov. 11 we will be honoring all veterans with a special service, luncheon & gifts. Join us as a Vietnam Veteran will be sharing his powerful testimony, on how Jesus Christ saved him, healed him & delivered him from all of his pain, nightmares, depression & despair!

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These Dry Bones Shall Live

Do you need a fresh breath from the Lord? Does your spirit need reviving? Could you use more wind in your sail? Do you need more energy to run your race? Don’t quit or give up! Join us this Sunday as we experience the move of the Holy Spirit in...Read More »

I AM the Vine

The disciples sitting in the upper room at the last supper knew exactly what Jesus meant when He said that He was the “True Vine”! They understood the symbolism of the vine, the branches & producing fruit. They were longing for the fulfillment of the prophecies concerning “the Branch”. They...Read More »

The Triumphant Entry

Your KING is coming…!
We all have a king in our lives. Someone (or something) that reigns supreme, and governs our thoughts, motivations & actions. The Lord God, Creator of the universe wanted to be KING of the nation of Israel. However, they wanted to be like all of...Read More »

1 Cor. 13 continued... This Sunday is Daylight Saving Time - set clocks ahead 1 hour

In 1 Cor.13:4-8 the Apostle Paul lays out 16 points to help us determine what God’s love is and what His Agape love is not. Half of these characteristics help us define what this God-kind of love looks like in our lives,...Read More »

“Love is…. Love is not… (1 Corinthians 13)” Continued

In 1 Cor.13:4-8 the Apostle Paul lays out 16 points to help us determine what God’s love is and what His Agape love is not. Half of...Read More »

“Love is…. Love is not… (1 Corinthians 13)”

We have all heard the expression, “He loves me, He loves me not…”! We can all rest assured that the LORD always, unconditionally, irrevocably loves us. The Greek word Agape is used by the writers of Scripture to convey the concept of how much God loves us. Agape is the...Read More »

Super Cup Sunday

Join us this Sunday (2/4) at 10 am as we celebrate Super Cup (Communion) Sunday.  We will see from Scripture how Jesus  partook of the Cup of God’s Wrath, so that we can enjoy the cup of His New Covenant.   All are invited and welcome to attend.  Children’s Church is...Read More »

Fasting for Break Through (Part II)

Fasting for Break Through (Part II)

Jesus said that sometimes in life we do not get the results that we desire unless we attack the situation through prayer & fasting. Join us this Sunday (1/28 @ 10 am) if you need a breakthrough in any area of your life or if...Read More »

Focus on the Goal

Join us this Sunday (1/14 @ 10 am) as we continue to learn from Scripture how to “Turn New Year’s Resolutions into New You Realities”! Through Faith in the work of God; By Forgetting & Forgiving; Always Facing Forward; Focusing on a Goal; Fasting for a Break Through. Our text...Read More »

The Indescribable Gift

Your best Christmas present will not be found under your tree. God’s greatest gift to you is what hung on His Christmas Tree!
Join us this Sunday (12/24) for one of our Christmas Services (10 am & 5 pm). and receive God’s Christmas GIFT to you!
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The Holy Spirit's Role in Christmas

This Sunday we will continue to look at the Trinity’s Role in Christmas. Last Sunday we saw how the Father orchestrated the entirety of human history, with all of its empires and world rulers to set the stage for the coming of His Son, our Savior the Lord Jesus Christ....Read More »

Christmas is...

Christmas is about Agape Love being birthed into the human race in the Person of that Babe born in the manger! It was His Love for you and I that caused Jesus to cry out to the Father, “Not my will but Your will be done”! Join us this Sunday...Read More »

Life Groups

We are now meeting on Tuesday evenings (not Wednesdays any more) for our Life Groups! Join us this Tuesday at 7 pm as we continue our women’s & men’s series. We also meet at 6 pm for intercessory prayer. Coffee and fellowship at 8 pm. All are invited to attend.

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Love is not...

Join us this Sunday 11/19 @10 am as we continue our series on 1 Corinthians 13:4-8 entitled, “Love is not…”. Love is not boastful, nor is it inflated with pride!

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Are you Thankful!

Are you thankful to the Lord? Do you have something to be grateful for? Join us on Tuesday 11/21 @ 7 pm (Thanksgiving Eve Eve) for some Turkey Talk & Thanksgiving Treats! Come share your testimony or talent in thanksgiving to the Lord! Bring your favorite thanksgiving sweets &...Read More »

Love is.....!

Do you want to learn how to walk like Jesus walked?  Do you realize that your “love life” needs some minor adjustments? 1 Corinthians 13:4-8 lists 15 characteristics of the person who is walking in the Agape love of God. Verse four begins, “Love is patient and it is kind”....Read More »

First Love

What is first love? Or maybe better asked is “Who is First Love”?  Our loving Lord had to set the church of Ephesus back on proper course for leaving “first love”.  Join us this Sunday 10/1 as we continue to learn of the magnanimous four dimensional Agape Love of God.

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Back to Church Sunday

If you’ve ever left your phone at home, you know what it’s like when the beginning stage of withdrawal sets in. You panic. You compulsively check your pockets, wondering if someone has texted you. But your pockets are empty. You’re disconnected. The difficulty of going “unplugged,” even for a day,...Read More »

Pursue Love

As Christians we must continue to pursue (as a hunter goes after his game and as a runner races for the finish line) LOVE. Join us this Sunday (10:30 am) as we continue to discover how to journey along this More Excellent Way.

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Perfect Love

‘In this is love, not that we loved God, but that He loved us and sent His Son to be the propitiation for our sins. Beloved, if God so loved us, we also ought to love one another.” (1 John 4:10,11)  God’s Agape love for you will complete Its mission...Read More »

Faith & Patience

Has God promised you something that has not materialized yet? Are you tired of “waiting on God”? Join us this Sunday, May 28 at 10:30 to learn how to inherit all of the promises found in the Word of God. We are now meeting at 220 Main St., Johnsonburg, NJ...Read More »

Passion Week & Passover Week go Perfect Together
The Passion of Christ & the Passover Feasts coincided perfectly together as the Lamb of God our Savior died on the cross on Passover; was buried on the Feast of Unleavened Bread & then victoriously rose again on the Feast of...Read More »

Jehovah Rapha

Hebrews 13:8 declares that “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever”. Acts 10:38 tells us that He was anointed by the Holy Spirit and went around doing good and healing all that were oppressed of the devil because God was with Him.

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“I remember my affliction and my wandering, the bitterness and the gall. I well remember them, and my soul is downcast within me. Yet this I call to mind and therefore I have HOPE: Because of the LORD’s great love we are not consumed, for his compassions never fail. They...Read More »

What do you want Jesus to do for you?

Twice in Mark 10 Jesus asked the question, “What do you want want Me to do for you?” Jesus could not grant James and John their request. However, He gladly and enthusiastically blessed blind Bartimaeus with sight!

You need to have an expectation from the Lord! Pro 23:18 declares that there...Read More »

Happy Birthday Jesus

Two of the most familiar Scriptures about the birth of the Messiah are found in the book of Isaiah and are written approximately 700 years before the Incarnation.
“Therefore the Lord Himself will give you a sign: Behold, the virgin shall conceive and bear a Son, and shall call His...Read More »

Whose Son is He?

Jesus asked the religious leaders two thought provoking questions. “What do you think about the Messiah? Whose Son is He?”

What would be your answer to these two questions?

Last Sunday we learned how to identify the Messiah. Join us this Sunday to answer the second question.

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Who do you say that I AM?

This is probably the most important question that Jesus asked HIs disciples! Join us this Sunday, Nov. 27 @ 10 AM to find out what they said!!! The answer to this question has eternal consequences!

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Thanksgiving Eve Eve

True Thanksgiving starts with thanks and will generate giving!

Join us on Tuesday, Nov. 22 at 7 PM for our Thanksgiving Eve Eve Praise and Pie Celebration. Bring your testimony of praise and along with your favorite pie (or other dessert or finger food) to share. Invite your family and friends....Read More »

Laser One!

This Sunday (11/20) after our church service we are taking a trip to Laser One, 205 Rt. 23, Wantage 07461. Laser One has a multi-level laser arena, video arcade, bowling lanes, indoor miniature golf, etc. Something for everyone. Go to for more info & pricing.

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