How to Think Like Jesus Thinks~

The Bible declares that if you are born again, that you already have excess to the mind (thinking) of Christ! However, the Apostle Paul tells us that we have to allow this mindset to control our lives. Well how do you do this? Easier said than do! Join us this Sunday @ 10 AM to discover the most effective method to become spiritually minded.

Seeing Jesus – 2020 Vision

Jesus said that He is with us always & that He will never leave us nor forsake us! However, are you seeing the Lord (John 20:20) in every circumstance that you find yourself in? It is only then that you can have joy & thrive through anything that comes your way. It is then that you can declare’ “It is well with me!” Come in for an “eye exam” this Sunday as we learn how to have spiritual 2020 vision.

We are starting the Sunday worship celebration at 9:30 AM with a half hour of prayer.

Do you have 20/20 Vision?

Join us this Sunday (12/29) @ 10 AM for your free “eye exam”. Let’s begin this new decade with 20/20 vision. John 20:20 says that the disciples were encouraged, inspired & filled with joy after seeing Jesus! Come find out what is spiritual 20/20 eyesight. You will learn how to test your visual acuity, so that you can live your life with a clearer vision of how the LORD wants you to live.

A Linus Christmas Special

A Linus Christmas Special – Christmas Eve Candle light service on Tuesday 12/24 @ 5 PM.

You may have seen the movie, “A Charlie Brown Christmas”, well we will be having a Linus Christmas special. Learn what Linus has to teach us about the true meaning of Christmas.

We will be singing some of your favorite Christmas Carols, lighting not only the Christmas lights, but also the Hanukkah menorah.

Are You an A & P Christian?

As we celebrate this Advent Season, we realize that our churches tend to be better attended [as well as at Paschal (Easter) Season].

However, we all should be Christians who keep our eyes on JESUS, the Author & Perfecter of our faith.

Join us this Sunday at 10 AM, as we worship the Lord through our Christmas songs, celebrate Advent & discover what it means to have our faith authored & perfected!

Join us for our Christmas Eve Candle light service (5 PM)!  You may have seen the movie, “A Charlie Brown Christmas”, well we will be having a Linus Christmas special.

Jesus is the Reason for the Season

Jesus was born to show us the way & He died to be the Way. He always spoke truth & He died to fulfill the Truth! He lived His Life for the glory of the Father & He died to impart His glorious Life in us!⁠

Join us Sundays @ 10 am & Christmas Eve @ 5 PM⁠

Merry Christmas

The World is not Worthy of Us!

As I study Hebrews 11, I am struck by the fact that many saints did great feats by faith. Others went though great trails & tribulations by faith. Yet all obtained a great testimony of faith, having not even receiving the Promise. They all understood that this world & all that this world has to offer, was not their reward. What they lived for was worth much much more! Join us this Sunday (12/8) @ 10 AM to learn what do you do when it seems like your faith is not being rewarded!

Immediately, after service we will be having our Annual Christmas Cookie Contest! Bring a batch of cookies to enter, OR just come & be a judge.

Special children’s lesson & craft every Sunday!

Reconciliation & Restoration

God is in the restoration,& reconciliation business, and so should we be!!! The LORD is always looking for the ways & means to bring the “banished ones” home (2 Sam. 14:14)! He has given us not only the ministry of reconciliation, but also “the Word” of reconciliation to restore others to Christ & also to our own lives (2 Cor. 5:17-21). Join us this Communion Sunday as we learn the power of extending the LORD’s forgiving grace to ourselves & to others.

Thanksgiving Day Lunch

Can you believe it, Thanksgiving is a week away?! If you do not have any plans, or if you would just like to hang out with some “cool birds”, join us on Thanksgiving day for some food, fellowship & fun. Invite someone else who needs to experience the presence of Jesus & the warmth of His love.

Join us this Sunday at 10 AM as we continue to learn life lessons from our heroes!

Special children’s lesson & craft each week!

Coffee Fellowship after service!

Everyone is welcome!