Veteran’s Day

This Sunday, Nov. 11 we will be honoring all veterans with a special service, luncheon & gifts. Join us as a Vietnam Veteran will be sharing his powerful testimony, on how Jesus Christ saved him, healed him & delivered him from all of his pain, nightmares, depression & despair!

Invite a friend and share the miracle!

Women of the Word

Join us this Saturday at 9 am, for our women’s breakfast & Bible study, as we study the lives of some of the women in the Bible! Bring a friend & share the miracle!

Also, This Saturday night starts Daylight Savings Time, so before you go to bed on Saturday night set your clocks back one hour!

These Dry Bones Shall Live

Do you need a fresh breath from the Lord? Does your spirit need reviving? Could you use more wind in your sail? Do you need more energy to run your race? Don’t quit or give up! Join us this Sunday as we experience the move of the Holy Spirit in our midst.

Children’s lesson & craft every Sunday!

The Wonder of God’s Word!

You’ve heard of “The Seven Wonders of World”! Well, join us this Sunday as we discover the Unlimited wonders of the Word of God!  Children’s Craft & Lesson every Sunday!  Coffee and… Fellowship Every Sunday!

Seven Simple Steps to Abiding in HIM

God desires to spend some time with you today. You are His friend and He wants to talk to you every day. One of the greatest blessings of being a child of God is that you can communicate with the Creator of the universe. This interchange (fellowship, communion) takes place as we Abide in Christ. Join us this Sunday as we continue our teaching on, “Seven Simple Steps to Abiding in HIM”!

Invite a friend and share a miracle! Children’s Church & crafts every Sunday!

His Presence

God has redeemed us so that we can live in His Presence every moment of every day! He has purchased us as His holy inheritance, so that He can tabernacle within the human race again! This truth should cause you to be so full of JOY that His Glory will radiate out from within you!

Join us this Sunday as we continue our quest to understand what Jesus meant when he proclaimed, “Abide in me and I in you…that My JOY may remain in you and that your JOY may be full”

All are invited to our church picnic this Sunday immediately after our service. Bring a friend and enJOY the food, fun & fellowship!

I AM the Vine

The disciples sitting in the upper room at the last supper knew exactly what Jesus meant when He said that He was the “True Vine”! They understood the symbolism of the vine, the branches & producing fruit. They were longing for the fulfillment of the prophecies concerning “the Branch”. They were waiting for the day when Jehovah would replant His Vineyard! Join us this Sunday as we rethink this well know parable in the Gospel of John chapter 15!

Children are loved! Their craft & lesson is always inspiring!

The Cost of Discipleship

Salvation is free, but being a disciple will cost you everything. A disciple is one who adheres to the radical teaches of Christ! This Sunday we will continue to discover the risks and rewards of being a disciple of Christ. Join us as we serve communion to commemorate that Jesus gave His all for us, so that we can forsake all for Him!

Are you a Believer or a Disciple?

Jesus declares that we must make disciples of all of His followers. (No one is born a disciple of Christ!) A disciple is one who adheres to the radical teaches of Christ! What did Jesus mean when he said that we must “hate” our loved ones, carry our cross, count the cost and forsake all in order to be His disciple? Join us this Sunday as we learn how to become and what it means to be a true disciple of Christ!

The Why, Who, When, Where & How of Water Baptism

Philip was ask by someone seeking salvation, “What prevents me from being baptized?” Join us this Sunday (10 am), to find out what the Scriptures teach about water baptism and the answer to this question! We invite you to stay for our church picnic immediately following our water baptism service!