“Saints being Sanctified” 

Should Christians be called sinners or saints? Join us this Sunday @ 10 am to discover the meaning of sanctification and to learn the reality of your position in Christ! Special Children’s Church & crafts every Sunday!!

Come Magnify the LORD with Us

Come Magnify the LORD with us! Join us this Sunday at 10 am as we discover one of the most amazing ways to magnify the LORD and declare His magnificent works! Bring your children for a special lesson and craft time every Sunday!

Our Father’s House

“Our Father’s House”
Join us this Sunday (10 AM) for Father’s Day as we Worship & Honor our Heavenly Father, celebrate our earthly fathers and learn about “Father’s House”!
Gift’s for all dads!

Is Speaking in Tongues for Today?

In our series on experiencing “Your Own Personal Pentecost”, we will now discuss the subject of “Is Speaking in Tongues for Today?” Join us this Sunday @ 10 am as we take a Scriptural look at this “hot topic”!

Communion with the Holy Spirit

Communion Sunday!
Join us this Sunday @ 10 am, as we continue to discover how to be lead by the Holy Spirit and the privilege of having fellowship with Him moment by moment.
Communion will be served as we celebrate that it is the Holy Spirit that has baptized us into one body and has graced us all to drink of this same Holy Spirit.

Pentecost Sunday

“When the Day of Pentecost had fully come, they were with one accord in one place.” Acts 2:1

If you want to be filled with the Spirit, Pentecost can not just be a holy day or a historical event to you,
Join us this Sunday at 10 pm to experience your own personal Pentecost. Learn about the person, promise & power of the Holy Spirit in your life!

National Day of Prayer

Join us on Thursday, May 3rd (7 PM) at Faith Discovery Church for National Day of Prayer (NDP). We are joining with many other churches in the Warren County area to pray for our country, community, families, friends and for revival.
We WILL NOT be having our weekly Tuesday night Pray or Bible Study this week, so I encourage you to come out on Thursday night for NDP.

Have You Received the Holy Spirit?

Why did the Apostle Paul ask the disciples in Ephesus this question? Have you?

Come and experience your own personal PENTECOST! Learn about the Person, presence, power and preeminence of the Holy Spirit in your life. Sundays @ 10 AM & Tuesdays @ 7 PM.