Veteran’s Day Celebration & Luncheon!

Veteran’s Day Celebration & Luncheon!
Join us on Sun. Nov. 10 as we celebrate all those who have served our country. Invite your family & honor our veterans!  Captain Bert Moore who was serving in the Persian Gulf when we were attacked on 911 will be our guest speaker.

BY Faith Moses

Join us this Sunday (10/13) @ 10 AM as we continue this intriguing & fascinating study of Hebrews 11. These “heroes” of faith, were just like you & me, with their own short coming, failures, idiosyncrasies & many excuses why they were inadequate to serve their GOD! God appeared to Moses in the burning bush & told Him of His plan to use Moses to redeem the Hebrews. Yet, FIVE times Moses made up an excuse why he was not competent, capable nor able to do it. However, in this amazing chapter of Hebrews 11, God does not record any of the sins, short falls or stumbles of His servants. FIVE times God says of Moses BY FAITH…, showing all of us that it is God’s grace that covers all of our mess-ups! You see FIVE is the number of Grace!!
Communion will be served!!!
Bring a friend & share the Miracle!
We always have children’s church & church fellowship!

Family Picnic

You are invited this Sunday 9/15 to our fall family picnic at noon!  Join us at our 10 am church celebration to learn how God will help you to forget your past pains, sorrows, disappointments and failures, so that, you can have a fruitful future!!!


Your fruitfulness will be greater than you failures; Your purpose is stronger than your pain; Your past should not control your future; Man does not determine nor dictate the direction of God for your life~



Healing is Here!

“However, the report went around concerning Him all the more; and great multitudes came together to hear, and to be healed by Him of their infirmities.”  (Luke 5:15)

Join us this Sun., 9/8 @ 10 am to hear about the healing power of Jesus Christ, as well as, a testimony of someone who was healed from stage 4 cancer – malignant melanoma!

Bring those who need to be healed!  We will be praying for the sick!  Come on expect and experience a miracle!

September is Here!

I know that summer is almost over & its back to school & back to work, but it is also back to Church month!
This September we have some very exciting events planned for you!

Sun., 9/1 – 10 am – Communion & Fellowship

Sun., 9/8. – 10 am – Healing Service
A member of our congregation will be sharing how the Lord healed him from stage 4 malignant melanoma cancer. Bring someone who needs the Lord to heal them.

Sun., 9/15 – 10 am – Family Fun Picnic
National Back to Church Sunday!

Fri., 9/20 @ 7:30 pm & Sat., 9/21 @ 9:30 am
Abundant Life Celebration & Seminar @ Nutley ALWC

Sun., 9/22 – 10 am – Evangelist & Missionary to Cuba – Rev. Scott Hinkle

Sat., 9/28 -7 pm – Revive NJ. Statewide prayer meeting at Mt. Olive High School

Sun., 9?29 – 10 am – Back to Moses (in our heroes of faith series)

Please join us and invite your friends and family to these Spirit filled times in the presence of the Lord!

By Faith Enoch!

By Faith Enoch walked with God!!!

This Sunday we will look at the amazing life of Enoch and see how we can walk BY FAITH… which is the only way we can PLEASE God!
Bring your children for an awesome children’s church lesson and have fun doing Spin Art.
Join us for Communion!!!


If we want to please the LORD & have your prayers answered, we must learn how to live by FAITH! We have the faith of our Lord Jesus Christ within us, which enables us be all that God says we should be, to do all that the WORD of God says that we can do, and to enjoy all of the Promises of God!  Join us this Sunday at 10 am as we continue our journey of faith!!!

Special children’s lesson & craft every Sunday

All are welcome &  invited to our Church picnic immediately after the Church service. If you can, bring a side, salad, and/or sweet.  Church is providing the hamburgers, hot dogs & drinks!

What is Pentecost Sunday?

“When the Day of Pentecost had fully come, they were with one accord in one place.” Acts 2:1

If you want to be filled with the Spirit, Pentecost can not just be a holy day or a historical event to you,
Join us this Sunday at 10 am to experience your own personal Pentecost. Learn about the person, promise & power of the Holy Spirit in your life!

Memorial – Communion Sunday⠀

God places a very huge importance on establishing memorials for us to remember His promises. Join us this Sunday (5/26) @ 10 am as we look to God’s Word to learn the power of memorials & to understand the importance of creating memorials in our lives & with our families. ⠀

 Communion will be served!⠀
 Special Children’s lesson⠀

Passover Seder

Jesus took the opportunity during the last Passover Seder that He celebrated here on earth to declare this Jewish holy day, as a memorial of the New Covenant that He is instituting.  Join us this Wed. 4/17 @ 7 PM as we discover what the Apostle Paul meant when he said, “Whenever you eat this bread and drink this cup you proclaim the Lord’s death till He comes.”

Come experience the symbolism & partake of the Passover Seder with us.

All are welcome to come and learn the traditional meaning of the Passover and its historic fulfillment in Christ.