BY Faith Moses

Join us this Sunday (10/13) @ 10 AM as we continue this intriguing & fascinating study of Hebrews 11. These “heroes” of faith, were just like you & me, with their own short coming, failures, idiosyncrasies & many excuses why they were inadequate to serve their GOD! God appeared to Moses in the burning bush & told Him of His plan to use Moses to redeem the Hebrews. Yet, FIVE times Moses made up an excuse why he was not competent, capable nor able to do it. However, in this amazing chapter of Hebrews 11, God does not record any of the sins, short falls or stumbles of His servants. FIVE times God says of Moses BY FAITH…, showing all of us that it is God’s grace that covers all of our mess-ups! You see FIVE is the number of Grace!!
Communion will be served!!!
Bring a friend & share the Miracle!
We always have children’s church & church fellowship!