Your King has Come

Join us this Sunday @ 10 AM for our special Palm Sunday message. I will be talking about “Your King has Come”. We will also be taking communion together, so get some matzoh (or bread, crackers,etc.) & grape juice (or water – Jesus turned the water into fruit of the vine).

Also, this Wednesday (4/8) @ 7 PM we will be hosting a “Christ in the Passover Seder” or “Messiah in the Passover Meal” on Facebook live. I will show you how the Jewish Passover Seder is a beautiful portrayal of Christ. Come discover some of the most inspirational & powerful aspects of the historical, traditional and messianic meaning in the Passover.

4D – will continue again on Monday AM.

I look forward to spending time with you during Passion Week!
God Bless you,
Pastor Marc