30-60-100 Fold?

In the Sacred Secret of the Sower, the Seed & the Soil, the difference maker is the type of soil that the seed falls onto. Jesus likens the soil in this parable to your heart. Join us this Sunday (5/2) to discover how you can keep your heart as good, fertile soil, so that your life will produce the fruit that the LORD has planted in you! For seed to root & then bear fruit it needs water (the Word), warmth (the Holy Spirit) and good soil (your heart).
In-person 10 AM; On-line 11 AM

Good Friday & Resurrection Sunday New Venue

GREAT NEWS – We have rented the beautiful Brook Hollow winery & event venue for our Good Friday 7 PM & Resurrection Sunday 10 AM celebrations! (594 State Route 94 Columbia, NJ 07832)

There is plenty of room for you, your entire family and your friends. (See website below! Everything will be safe and sanitized!)

Invite family & friends to experience the presence of God with our live worship, special songs & message “The Parable of the Passion”. Good Friday service will end with communion & a time of fellowship.

We look forward to worshiping with you this weekend!


“The Parable of the Passion”

Join us for our 3 special Holy Week celebrations:

“The Parable of the Passion”

Palm Sunday (3/28) – “The Parable of the Riding”

in-person at 10 AM & on-line @ 11 AM

Good Friday (4/2) – “The Parable of the Ridicule”

7 PM in-person & on-line

Resurrection Sunday (4/4) – “The Parable of the Rising”

in-person 10 AM & on-line 11 AM

Living Letters – Walking Bibles!

Living Letters – Walking Bibles! (2 Cor. 3:1-3)Most people do not read the Bible, that is why the LORD has sent you! What type of book are your – a mystery, history, non-fiction, encyclopedia, dictionary, biography or autobiography? Join us this Sunday (3/21) to discover what it means to be an Epistles of Christ!
In-person 10 AM; On-line 11 AM!

The Armor of God – Being ready for the battle!

The Armor of God – Being ready for the battle!
Eph. 6:10-18 tells us how to be ready to battle the satanic forces at work on this earth. We need to understand that we are a container of the dynamic power of the LORD & we have the authority of the LORD & all of His muscle & might backing us up! As we take up our position, with the whole armor of God on, the battle will be won! It is then that we can withstand any attack that our enemy has schemed against us.

Join us this Sunday (3/07) as we continue to learn what is the spiritual significance this illustration that Paul uses as he describes the weapons of our warfare!

In-person 10 AM; On-line 11 AM

Kingdom Wars – Our Battle

Ephesians 6:12 tells us that we are in a wrestling match with spiritual forces. Join us this Sunday (2/21) to receive training on how to “pin” your opponent & “win” the match.

In-Person 10 AM; On-line 11 AM

You are God’s Valentine!

Join us today (2/14) as we dive deeper into “the most famous verse in the New Testament” John 3:16. Discover the unfathomable Agape love of God! You will be amazed at the breath, length, depth & height His love is for you!In-Person 10 AM; On-line 11 AM

On-line @ 11 AM Sunday 2/7

Join us tomorrow @ 11AM on FB AbundantLifeNW or at Noon on our website alwcnw.com for our teaching on Kingdom Come in 2021
Due to the predicted snow storm & our concern for your safety, we will not be holding our in-person church meeting. However, please join us online at 11 AM as we talk about “The Kingdom Wars!”

Kingdom Wars!

If Jesus has delivered us from the kingdom of darkness, then why does it seem like “darkness” still tries to dominate?

Jesus has already defeated satan & his dominion over God’s people. Why then does satan roam around trying to devour the saints?

What authority does satan still have over the human race? Join us this Sunday to learn how to live in victory over the devil & his angels!

In-person 10AM; On-line 11AM

Kingdom Identity Restored

All of us are looking to be identified as a “someone” or with some group. Identity is so important for our well-being, self esteem, individuality & persona! However, if you identify with a negative narrative, a distorted description or a hurting history you will end up on the proverbial “dead-end street!” Join us this Sunday (1/31) to discover the Kingdom identity that God has reinstated within all who are in Christ. Through Jesus’ death, burial & resurrection, you can bear the very image (nature) of God.

In-person 10 AM; On-line 11 AM