The Witnesses -From Waiting to Wonder

Scripture declares, “By the mouth of two or three witnesses every word shall be established”. That is why the birth of Christ was validated by the angel led shepherds, the Spirit led Simeon and the praying prophetess Anna!! Are you waiting on the Lord for a miracle or for an event to occur? Join us this Sunday (10 am) as we continue our Advent series!

Sun. 12/2 – The Messengers – His Presence to His Service
Sun. 12/9 – The Baptists – Barrenness to Blessing
Sun. 12/16 – The Witnesses – Waiting to Wonder
Sun. 12/23 – The First Family – Humility to Honor
Christmas Eve. (5 PM) – The First Begotten – From Heaven to Earth. Candlelight & Communion Service

All are invited – Children are welcomed