Mindset Reset!

Do you realize as a child of God you already have been given the mind of Christ? However, you must chose if you are going to think with a spiritually controlled mind or carnally controlled mind. Join us this Sunday (1/16) to discover how to reset your mindset!

10 AM In-person; 11 AM On-line

Worship/Prayer/the Word/Fellowship/Friends/Children’s Ministry

We meet at the Frelinghuysen Rec. Center

139 Lincoln Laurel Rd.

Frelinghuysen, NJ 07825

Community in Assembly!

“To the General Assembly & Church of the First Born!”… Heb. 12:23The writer of the book of Hebrews warns us not to get into the bad habit of not meeting together! He declares that the closer we get to the return of Christ (all signs indicate that we are very close), the more important it is that the church assemblies together. This will help us to become saturated with His Spirit, stay on fire, inspire each other, and spur one another to live for the LORD. Join us this Sunday 9/5 as we continue to discover God’s plan for His Community.

In-person 10 AM; On-line 11 AM

Meeting at the Frelinghuysen Rec. Center139 Lincoln Laurel Rd., Frelinghuysen, NJ 07825

We are moving!

Join us at our new location this Sunday (June 13) @ 10 AM @ the Frelinghuysen Rec. Center, 139 Lincoln Laurel Rd., Frelinghuysen, NJ 07825 (GPS may show it in Blairstown). The Rec. Center is at the Frelinhuysen Forset Preserve. A beautiful lodge building with acres of walking trails, picnic areas, pond, etc. Join us for Worship – Word – Prayer – Fellowship & Children’s Church. Meet new friends!

We are a community of friends, family, faith & freedom in the Messiah!

Live stream @ 10 AM on FB AbundantLifeNW

“The Parable of the Passion”

Join us for our 3 special Holy Week celebrations:

“The Parable of the Passion”

Palm Sunday (3/28) – “The Parable of the Riding”

in-person at 10 AM & on-line @ 11 AM

Good Friday (4/2) – “The Parable of the Ridicule”

7 PM in-person & on-line

Resurrection Sunday (4/4) – “The Parable of the Rising”

in-person 10 AM & on-line 11 AM

Yeshua – The Lord is Salvation

As we continue our powerful & life transforming series on the Names of God, we now come to the Name that is above all Names, the Name given to men to be saved, the Name of Jesus (Yeshua). Join us this Sunday (12/20) in-person 10AM; on-line 11AM.
PS – On Christmas Eve, Thursday,12/24 join us @ 5:00ish for our in-person or on-line celebration: Rejoicing, Caroling, Candle-lighting & a message entitled “The Angelic G.P.S.”

Jehovah Nissi – The LORD is my Banner!

Are you tired? Run down? Battle fatigued? Weary in well doing? Do you know that you do not have to fight your own battles?Join us this Sunday 10/11 to learn what Moses, David, Gideon, King Hezekiah & many others learned, that Jehovah Nissi is fighting for you & He will always give you the victory & cause you to triumph. In-person worship starts @ 10 AM & live-streaming teaching @ 10:45ish.

What is in a Name?

Join us this Sunday (8/23) in person (@10 AM) or on-line (@10:45 AM) as we continue to discover the power and promises in the Names of God! Throughout the Scriptures the LORD has chosen to reveal different aspects of Himself to us through the multifaceted Names He is made known as!

The Awards Ceremony – continued!

The Awards Ceremony – continued!

Did you know that your Heavenly Father wants to award you for everything that you do for His honor & glory! Last Sunday we began to learn how we can earn our heavenly crowns.
Join us this Sunday- 6/21 @ 10 AM, at our church service or online for a powerful message that will help you to be ready for Jesus’ soon return & to receive all of our awards at Bema of Christ! We will uncover the 5 beautiful crowns that you can receive for a life surrendered to the LORD.AbundantLIfeNW alwcnw.com