We are moving!

Join us at our new location this Sunday (June 13) @ 10 AM @ the Frelinghuysen Rec. Center, 139 Lincoln Laurel Rd., Frelinghuysen, NJ 07825 (GPS may show it in Blairstown). The Rec. Center is at the Frelinhuysen Forset Preserve. A beautiful lodge building with acres of walking trails, picnic areas, pond, etc. Join us for Worship – Word – Prayer – Fellowship & Children’s Church. Meet new friends!

We are a community of friends, family, faith & freedom in the Messiah!

Live stream @ 10 AM on FB AbundantLifeNW

The Awards Ceremony – continued!

The Awards Ceremony – continued!

Did you know that your Heavenly Father wants to award you for everything that you do for His honor & glory! Last Sunday we began to learn how we can earn our heavenly crowns.
Join us this Sunday- 6/21 @ 10 AM, at our church service or online for a powerful message that will help you to be ready for Jesus’ soon return & to receive all of our awards at Bema of Christ! We will uncover the 5 beautiful crowns that you can receive for a life surrendered to the LORD.AbundantLIfeNW alwcnw.com