Palm Sunday – The Lamb Examined!

Why would the King of Israel come riding into His City on a donkey and not a horse?

Why was the Messiah called the King of Israel and also the Lamb of God?

Why did the people shout hosanna, but only four days later declare crucify Him?

Join us this Sunday (4/2) as we discover some amazing truths about “Palm Sunday”! We will connect this celebrated day to the Jewish day called Nisan 10.

10AM in-person; 11AM on-line

We meet at the :

Frelinghuysen Rec Center

139 Lincoln Laurel Rd.

Frelinghuysen, NJ 07825

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Palm Sunday (4/2, 10AM) – the Lamb Examined

Christ in the Passover (Wed. 4/5, 6:30PM) -the Lamb Eaten

Good Friday (4/7, 6:30PM) – the Lamb Executed

Resurrection Sunday – (4/9, 10AM) – the Lamb Exalted