Back to Church Sunday

If you’ve ever left your phone at home, you know what it’s like when the beginning stage of withdrawal sets in. You panic. You compulsively check your pockets, wondering if someone has texted you. But your pockets are empty. You’re disconnected. The difficulty of going “unplugged,” even for a day, is that we crave connection. From our earliest years, the need to belong drives many of our choices. Whether it’s an exchanged smile or a Facebook “like,” we are thrilled when someone notices and includes us. Yet belonging easily escapes us. We are often disappointed by the very people we thought we were most strongly connected to. What if you found a community that would include you — a place that didn’t just well.

This is God’s intention for the Church. When God initiated the Church, He had in mind a heartfelt connection of diverse people. He said that the greatest love we could show was to lay down our lives for our friends. There’s no greater belonging than the one God intended in the Church. The Church is a community of people committed to doing life together and knowing God. Through thick and thin, these are the friends who stay by your side. God wants each of us to find a place of belonging in His family. Come find your place at God’s Banqueting Table.

Join us Sunday, September 17 at 10 AM for our Church Worship Celebration, followed by our Family Picnic & BBQ.  We will provide the food and the fun for the entire family.